HI! – Hello! (warm up)

General Aim

To energise the group and warm up the atmosphere

Learning goals

Not relevant

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

This is a warm up exercise, a funny one.



Suggested group





5-10 min


This game can have many variations, as different elements may be introduced depending on the group, their age, topic or aim, etc.
We form a circle. The elements of the game are gradually introduced one by one, to ensure that players can keep up with them. As the game goes on, new elements can be added or even created together with the group.
HI!: Players pass this element around by pointing to a person next to them and shouting ‘HI!’. The direction it travels in is constant until changed by a different element.
Ushiebushie: Whenever someone says ‘Ushiebushie!’, he/she can instead form an X with his/her hands and yell ‘to change the direction of the game’.
Hello: A person during his or her turn may point to anyone other than his or her neighbour and say “Hello!”. The person who has pointed will continue the game in a direction of his or her choice, with any element of his or her liking.
Nobel prize: If somebody says Nobel prize, s/he can go around in the circle, and the others cheer for him /her.
Fiesta: If a person on his/her turn shouts ‘Fiesta!’, everyone starts dancing. The person who started it can stop after a few seconds by continuing with a different element.