Personal Action Plan and sustainable self-management (CH-Q)

General Aim

This is part of the series CH-Q exercises.
This exercise aims to get participants to create a Personal Action Plan (PAP) and make a presentation of their PAP.

Learning goals

The (final) part of the CH-Q method is this module that consists of developing and presenting a PAP. In this presentation, participants show they:
1. … are aware of their own qualities and possibilities.
2. … have analysed activities and transferred the knowledge acquired in their lives.
3. … are able to use their competences, emotions, personal traits, motives and insights to manage their ‘work life career’.
4. … can articulate their next personal action within the framework of a PAP.

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

Starting from their PAP, participants will make clearer how the different elements of the JOY-model can help them to make the outcomes of their activities (work, life, learning) more visible and have a higher level of recognition.
They also are able to show how positive emotions and their personal traits will support the sustainability for ongoing competence development and applying.
In this exercise, the Action Plan should be made for one of the personal development steps they would like to implement. Preferably over a timespan of around 3-6 months. Depending on the group, they could decide to organise an additional meeting themselves, to evaluate the process and the results and to advise each other on possibilities for further development.



Suggested group

6-12 persons


CH-Q worksheet D: Personal Action Plan


45 minutes + …. (homework)


1. The trainer invites the participants to decide a goal (focus on a realistic goal).
2. Participants describe SMART actions in the development plan.
3. They present the action plan to a small group of participants (being creative, using different materials, making it interesting).
4. Others react, give feedback/feedforward, suggestions for improvements (feed up), ask questions.
5. The person summarises the advice and explains what he/she will do.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

There is no evaluation.
The real evaluation takes place after executing the PAP, where the individual evaluates the results of the actions.


CH-Q career development process (Worklife Guidance Toolbox – EU-project)
CH-Q Kompetenzmanagement Portal (in German)
CH-Q model for competence management (Euroguidance)
“Ver-kennen van Competenties” in the Dutch army with CH-Q (Example of successful practice: “Scouting competencies”) ESF-project, in German.