Receiving and giving joy – symbolwork (art)

General Aim

To turn the focus on how we can give and receive joy

Learning goals

To develop emotional intelligence, cooperation, self-care

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

Symbols are good tools for reaching more into ourselves. Through symbols, people can share more freely and in a more detailed way about hard topics, such as emotions.
In this exercise, the group uses symbols to share. Symbols open up people, and usually more intense and in-depth sharings can occur.



Suggested group



Several pieces (100-150 pieces) of symbols, or set of symbolic cards


20 minutes


The trainer invites the participants to look at the symbols and choose two:
● one which represents how they can get joy / make themselves joyful
● one which represents, how they can give joy in the everyday
People share one-by-one.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

The trainer provides a short debriefing on what joy is:
Joy is an emotion which comprises happiness, harmony, and contentment. This is a general intrinsic emotion, which comes from within.
There are three areas which mostly inform Joy:
● growing in authenticity and living with our strengths
● growing in depth of relationships and contributing to others
● living more aligned with one’s ethical and spiritual ideas.