Sticky plant window

General Aim

Feeling the connection with nature, through creating little works of art; feeling the joy and liberation of creativity

Learning goals

Experiencing through art the power of connection with nature.

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

This exercise is about connecting to nature, contemplating while walking and enjoying one’s creativity. As a group exercise, it is also about making a compilation of the work and enjoying the beauty of what can be accomplished in a very simple way.
Tips for the trainer: to save time and use this exercise as a very easy one, prepare the sticky windows in advance. But to show the participants how easily they can do it at home or in their class, prepare the sticky windows together.
To make them, colorful papers are needed.


Children, youth, adults

Suggested group

no minimum, no maximum


The presence of nature, the more diverse the better.
Vignettes of cca. 10×5 cm size.
Cardboard or thick paper of cca: 15×8 cm size.


15-30 minutes, depending on the time allowed for research and possible preparation of a small art exhibition at the end.


The facilitator can prepare “plant windows” in advance or bring the materials to the workshop and ask participants to work on them. Preparation of the windows:
1. Cut an oval/or other shaped window out of the small cardboards.
2. Remove the protecting sheet, making the sticker exposed.
3. Stick the cardboard to the sticker in a way that the sticky part remains exposed in the window. Exercise:
The trainer asks the participants to take their papers for a 10 minutes’ walk in the garden/neighbourhood. Then, participants are told to prepare a very small picture out of any kind of natural elements they found during their walk. Whatever they find and like they can stick on their small sticky window.
The facilitator needs to define the exact time when everybody should be back at the meeting point.
After arriving back, the trainer asks them to gather all the small pictures. In the end, a small exhibition can be created.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

It is not entirely necessary to evaluate this exercise but participants can be asked how they felt during the process.