We are a network (body work and dance)

General Aim

To introduce the idea of dynamics and dynamical relations

Learning goals

● To increase attunement in a group
● To understand the basic idea of group dynamics
● To increase body awareness / consciousness
● To increase awareness of space

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

This exercise can come after a short physical warm-up and arriving exercise (like arrival to space).
This is a low-risk exercise, includes limited touch, it can be used with varied groups and training goals.
It is a non-verbal exercise, however there can be a verbal debriefing afterwards.



Suggested group



Polyfoam noodles


15 min (+debriefing)


1. People are walking in space, in a random way.
2. People walk in space, if they meet two other people, they pass between them and then continue walking.
3. People are asked to select two people (still in silence, the two people shall be randomly selected and not shared with them), and try to formulate an equal-sided triangle with them (so keep the same distance from each of them as the one they have in-between them). As all people are moving all the time, this will require continuous adaptation and moving too.
4. After a couple of minutes of experiencing the continuous movement of the triangles, participants are asked to take a polyfoam noodle (rod), and one by one they build up a network: all of them shall put the noodle in-between a body part of theirs, and a body part of one person they followed. By this a network will be built up, and a structure becomes visible.
5. The group is required to walk together in a way that the noodles are not falling down.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

In case of debriefing, after the initial screening of actual feelings, the group can reflect on the dynamics and networks developed.
As a follow-up in an organizational development workshop, they can even try to model the organizational group network with the polyfoam rods.