Promote yourself

General Aim

This is part of the series CH-Q exercises.
This exercise aims that participants have a reflection on all exercises before and write their personal advertisement.

Learning goals

1. making an overview of oneself (reflection) and one’s ability to self-manage competencies.
2. understanding where skills could be accommodated.
3. writing a personal advertisement for a specific personal goal.

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

Tips for the facilitator:
Using the worksheet “Reflection and personal advertising” is a start for (systematic, integral) connecting the internal environment with the external one.
CH-Q uses the emotions, personal traits, and social behaviour as a driver for the bottom-up procedures. Ode-to-Joy aims to connect to and support the emotions in support of the above-described approach and results.



Suggested group

6-12 persons


CH-Q worksheet 1: Promote yourself


30 – 45 minutes


1. The trainer invites participants to gather and systematise the outcomes from the previous exercises.
2. They systematise these outcomes to have an integral, personal profile of the internal values (personality traits, motives, emotions).
3. Then, they make a first picture of the competence-/value-demands in the external world, that is relevant for the participant.
4. In the end, they write a promotion paper to promote oneself.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

There is no evaluation.
The real evaluation takes place during the following exercises in the effectiveness of working together and individually.


CH-Q career development process (Worklife Guidance Toolbox – EU-project)
CH-Q Kompetenzmanagement Portal (in German)
CH-Q model for competence management (Euroguidance)
“Ver-kennen van Competenties” in the Dutch army with CH-Q (Example of successful practice: “Scouting competencies”) ESF-project, in German.