None of which can exist without warm-up activities. Before each JOY session, in fact, a warm-up is provided to allow participants to experience the training with a good mood.

Below you can find some of the warm-up exercises selected to start the JOY sessions. Go and take a look!


Storytelling is the art of narration, but it is also an important communication strategy. In the JOY method, this practice acquires a fundamental value as it is capable of accompanying the individual to self-reflection through remembrance and creativity.


Below you can find storytelling exercises developed as part of the JOY method. Go and take a look!


To facilitate identification, fortify public speaking skills and induce the release of emotions, theatre was chosen as one of the core approaches of the JOY method.


If you want to find out which theatre activities we have chosen, have a look below!


Creative processing allows people to feel more intimately the energy and inspiration associated with the process, increasing productivity and making them more able to pay attention to details. For this reason, it is essential to include it among JOY’s methodologies.


To find out which art activities we have decided to include in the method, click below and choose your favourites!


Building meaningful relationships with the surrounding space leads people to feel part of a whole and to step out of the comfort zone, placing them in a listening condition. JOY activities aim precisely at strengthening this contact with nature in order to help people understand the importance of silence and self-analysis.


Below you will get a taste of the activities selected for you in the nature space. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and have a look!

Somatic practices

Dance and bodywork are part of the JOY method because they lead to a greater awareness of the space traversed and allow the relationship between mind and body to be deepened.


If you are interested in using this type of approach, you cannot miss the activities we have selected for you. Look around and get inspired!


CH-Q uses a holistic bottom-up approach and a well balanced combination of methods and instruments. This methodology is part of the JOY project because it is able to support people in discovering their own competences and skills. In the JOY-method a small selection of the complete CH-Q method has been introduced. The complete method (6x 3 hours + homework) could be used as a follow-up.

By taking a look below, you will have access to some of the fundamental pillars of this approach. The exercises also contain sheets you can use during your sessions!