Becoming Nature

General Aim

To feel the connection with nature, becoming a part of it.

Learning goals

To increase level of mindfulness and nature-awareness.

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

In this exercise, the trainer prepares participants to become one with nature by listening and making sounds, and then releases them one by one into the forest.



Suggested group

6-20 people


no one


45 min


The participants stand in a circle. Everybody closes their eyes.
The trainer invites the participants to listen first to their breathing. Later on, he/she invites them to listen to the sounds of the forest. As a third step, participants start to make sounds, fitting into the nature choir.
After some minutes of sound making, the trainer touches the participants one by one (others continue to make sounds) to let them walk alone in the forest.
About 30 minutes later the group meets up and there is some time for reflection.

Evaluation/Final debriefing

The reflection is about how the participants felt. Usually not everyone shares, people are very much turning inside.