Mastery of movement

General Aim

To empower the body and practicing movement in the space for theater work

Learning goals

Improving body awareness, movement.

Short description/background/Introduction/Tips for the trainer

This exercise is based on Rudolf Laban’s method. His method focuses on 4 main elements: Space, Time, Flow and Weight. This exercise is an introduction to this method.


18-50 years

Suggested group



music, speaker


25 min


1. Space
The facilitator asks participants to walk in space, discover it as much as they can. They can start having eye contact with others and discovering how it feels to move in the whole space or in a very little area.
2. Time:
The facilitator can ask participants to make:
Slow movement as if they want to catch a butterfly.
Fast movement with a turning.

3. They are also asked to make Flow movements / Sudden movements, hitting in the air.
4. Regarding the Weight: they can move with light weight or heavy weight, depending on what the facilitator asks.
After trying these movements they can start to combine them freely and move in the space.
They can also move in groups and connect.
In the end: everybody is sitting on the sides of the room. Anyone can enter the middle space, anyone can join or quit anytime. The invitation is that at least 1 person is moving in the space but small meaningful pauses are also possible. The inspiration of the movements are the 4 elements of the Laban method (space, time, weight, flow).
Recommended music: Ligeti, Kurtag, Mache

Evaluation/Final debriefing

Sharing circle in the end.


Rudolf Laban: The mastery of movement